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Our clients testimonials and results speak for themselves
(Like all things in health care, every patient responds to treatment differently, and no results are guaranteed)


28 year old with acne scarring

This patient came in with severe acne scarring. The first picture is from her first appointment, the second picture was taken before her tenth treatment, and the last picture was taken by her about a month after treatment. In the last picture the lighting is different, and she is wearing lipstick, but no other makeup. This is what she had to say about coming to see me: "I had lots of acne, acne scars, & dark spots on my face. I had to wear 3-4 layers of foundation/makeup to cover my blemishes. After 10 treatments my face is totally clear now. I only need to wear 1 layer of makeup; I would recommend Charles to anyone."


Zerona Z-6 before and after photos


These photos are representative of the kinds of results clients can get with our AcuSculpt program using the Zerona Z6.

Mei Zen's effect on Crow's Feet

crow's feet before.png
crow's feet after.png

These photos were taken from my mentor Dr. Martha Lucas, to show off how effective Mei Zen is at reducing the appearance of crow's feet.